I am in such gratitude towards my Kumus, who have guided me to this place, at this time; most especially,  Dr. Maka’ala Yates, D.C., who has encouraged me to “think outside of the box”, and has been the greatest influence for me to take this step and start a school where we can assist in Bringing The Healers Back Into The Families.  And also to my Mana Lomi ‘ohana, who have been on this journey beside me, and who carry the light in many different places.

This academy would not be here if not for Angela Leslee, LMT, who is the founder of our sister academy, Aloha Massage Academy, in Kainaliu on the Big Island.  She has truly been an angel in gifting me with her experience, knowledge and support to get started with this project.  For more information about this academy, see the Links page.

Mahalo, too, to my other teachers, Lee Joseph and Carole Madsen, who brought consciousness and deep structural healing into my life when I needed it the most, as well as great assistance in the business of massage; and Dr. Jane Ely, D.Min., who has been a tremendous mentor, friend and teacher for many years, as well as a partner in business.  She has shown me the path of spiritual and soul healing, for which I will be forever grateful.  I will be your apprentice forever, Jane!

And thank you to my ancestors and my family and friends for supporting me in this work, especially my husband, Don, and my daughter, Michelle (the webmaster of the universe).  Nothing is ever accomplished alone, and my life is so blessed with incredible love and assistance whenever it’s needed.  Mahalo Kumukahi!