Mission Statement:

Aloha Lomi Massage Academy offers a high-quality Hawaiian massage training program that combines well-grounded basics with introductions to creative, alternative modalities.  To create a learning environment that is empowering, loving, fun, and full of the passion of discovery.  To find joy and gratitude in our service to others through the gift of bodywork, and to Bring The Healers Back Into The Families


Aloha Lomi Massage Academy
Establishment #: MAE 2666  |  License #: MAT 6285



carol2Carol Hart, MAT 6285, is a certified Lomi Instructor and has studied with Dr. Maka’ala Yates, a Kanaka Maoli, since 2002.  She has over 22 years of healing experience on Kaua’i, and has been teaching Mana Lomi® workshops since 2009 and is a certified Senior Teacher for Mana Lomi Level 1, Mana Lomi Level 2 (Advanced Techniques) and Mana Lomi`ili`ili (Hawaiian hot stone therapy).  She is also a certified Advanced Healer and Instructor with the Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing.  For more information please call (808) 652-5691, or email carol@alohalomiacademy.com

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” I think of you often and always with thanksgiving.. I use Mana Lomi in every session I do on some level. ‘To the bone’ comes to mind often and in the morning before getting out of bed I do the hip and leg stretches on myself. Thank you for your teaching and for the wonderful class I had the opportunity to attend. Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’.  ” 
-Michelle, Alabama

” Carol’s teaching is filled with a tremendous amount of  patience, kindness and very thorough knowledge of the sacred art of Lomi Lomi.  It  was a privilege and honor to study with her.” 

-Suzanne, Kaua’i

” I just want you to know how much I appreciate you starting your school and for your loving spirit. You have taught your students well and many people will be healed by their hands. God bless you! ”

– Dinah

” Your students were great and should have bright careers. ”