Ali’i Nui Visit Our Class!

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We were so blessed to have King Mana Pere and High Chief Miko from Tahiti and Ali’i Nui Aleka Aipoalani and Ali’i Wahine Mo’i Antoinette of Atooi come to visit and present to our class.  Each one of them presented their heartfelt mana’o concerning the importance of unity in Polynesia and how interconnected we all are to One Source, Kumukahi, Akua.  We all learned of the T-MAK Union, which is an organization comprising most of the nations within, but not limited to, the Polynesian Triangle.  We also learned about how the Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi (PKOA) is at the upper apex, or po’o (head) of the triangle, with the other two apex being Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and Atearoa (New Zealand).  Some nations outside of the geographical triangle are included in the T-MAK union.  It was also stressed how important our work, as lomi therapists, is to our communities, keeping the culture alive and Bringing The Healers Back Into The Families!

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Mahalo Kumukahi!